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Dissolved Air FLotation (DAF) skimmer in operationThis is the float generated at a typical slaughter house.  Click on the image above to view a movie showing the float discharge from the top of our HydroFloat™ DAF system.  For the High Res version, click here.

This facility was going through some pretty decent "growing" pains.  Production at this facility has tripled over the past 2 years and the load was overwhelming their existing biological lagoon.  They installed a HydroFloat™ DAF system and immediately saw a 95% reduction in both FOG and TSS.  This brought them back into compliance (without the addition of any chemicals) and, once the remaining pieces of the treatment puzzle are in place, they will be able to discharge directly to open waterways, eliminating their ties to the municipal treatment system and all the associated costs.

HydroFloat™ Series Dissolved Air Flotation Cell

Model HF-5 handles up to
10 GPM of continuous flow
(based on application)

The HydroFloat Model HF-5 dissolved air floatation system is the smallest "traditional" style DAF available on the market today.  It is designed to deal with specialized treatment issues of small wastewater generators or small branch waste streams that you want to keep segregated from your main wastewater treatment system.

Built from the highest quality materials the HydroFloat series DAF should be your first choice when looking for a dissolved air floatation system.   Our smallest DAF comes with the same standard features as its big brothers.  The Ferris wheel drag skimmer is just one example.

All HydroFloat DAFs come pre-assembled, factory tested and ready to install.  They are simple to  operate and maintain.   It is everything you could want in an industrial duty DAF, built to take all the abuse you can throw at it and still keep doing its job day in and day out.

All at Hydro-Flo's guaranteed low price of... 

....$11,830 COMPLETE

RAD system purchased separately

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Dissolved Air Flotation Design Parameters
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Dissolved Air Flotation System, Separation TankHydro Flo Technologies flotation (DAF & IAF) systems are designed to accommodate flow rates as low as 5 and as high as 3,000 gallons per minute.  The primary function of our flotation systems is to remove free and dispersed Recycle Air Dissolving (RAD) Systemoils or emulsified oils, along with dispersed suspended solids, from wastewater or process water streams.  This makes it possible for sensitive downstream equipment to perform as designed.  A properly designed flotation (DAF) system will reduce the overall operating costs and improve overall system maintainability.

As a separation device, flotation systems exhibit extremely high solids capture ratios, and will yield the highest level of recovered solids under a wide range of flow conditions. Oil/grease and suspended solids removal rates of greater than 90% are normal. Hydro-Flo has some customer applications reporting 99.9% O&G and SS removal. Because of their outstanding performance and reliability, Hydro-Flo flotation systems are the preferred process for a wide range of industrial water and wastewater treatment problems.

Dissolved Air Flotation System, DAF 21HydroFloat Series Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) System





Hydro-Flo Technologies' dissolved air flotation technology, or "DAF", is an effective, economical process for removing hard to separate suspended solids from wastewater and also for resolving overall water clarity issues.

The HydroFloat series of DAF is considered to be a "traditional" DAF design.  However, Hydro-Flo has optimized all aspects of this design through years of research, development and experience in the field.

Dissolved Air Flotation System, DAF 22FloatPac Series Inclined Plate (Lamella) Style (DAF) System

Hydro-FloTechnologies' FloatPac  series of dissolved air flotation technology takes floatation system technology to a whole new level.

We achieve these results through the combination of Hydro-Flo's proprietary co-current / counter-current inclined plate (Lamella) technology with our state-of-the-art DAF system.  This hybrid package generates greater removal efficiencies than those that can be achieved in traditional DAF designs.

It also gives the user the option to operate the unit as a highly efficient clarifier for the removal of settleable suspended solids.  If you are dealing with waste streams that sometimes settle and sometimes float, this is the system for you.

The Hydro-Flo HF-5 meets world wide demand...

When we first introduced this little dynamo, we thought that it would function as a pilot unit for large scale treatment studies.  What we didn't realize is that there are literally thousands of small scale applications world wide.  Units have been sold to small production facilities throughout North America, Central and South America and units are planed for shipment to Asia and Europe.  If you are a small scale producer with a difficult treatment issue, the HF-5 might just be the answer to your problem.


Dissolved Air Flotation System, DAF 01 Dissolved Air Flotation System, DAF 02 Dissolved Air Flotation System, DAF 03 Dissolved Air Flotation System, DAF 04 Dissolved Air Flotation System, DAF 05

Dissolved Air Flotation System, DAF 06 Dissolved Air Flotation System, DAF 07 Dissolved Air Flotation System, DAF 08 Dissolved Air Flotation System, DAF 09 Dissolved Air Flotation System, DAF 10

Dissolved Air Flotation System, DAF 11 Dissolved Air Flotation System, DAF 12 Dissolved Air Flotation System, DAF 13 Dissolved Air Flotation System, DAF 14 Dissolved Air Flotation System, DAF 15

Dissolved Air Flotation System, DAF 16 Dissolved Air Flotation System, DAF 17 Dissolved Air Flotation System, DAF 18 Dissolved Air Flotation System, DAF 19 Dissolved Air Flotation System, DAF 20

Chemical pretreatment for flotation systems:

Chemical pretreatment is not always needed with flotation systems. When used, chemical pretreatment allows for the separation and removal of contaminants a DAF or IAF alone will not remove.  Most pretreatment applications require the use of acids, caustics, coagulants and  flocculating polymers. The more common coagulants are inorganic salts, such as alum, ferric chloride, ferrous sulfate, lime, sodium hydroxide or organic polymers. Preconditioning requirements are usually site specific and will impact operating cost, effluent quality, sludge volume and possibly water reuse.

The Hydro-Flo Technologies dissolved air flotation and induced air flotation systems can handle difficult wastewater applications as stand alone systems, or with any combination of chemical inputs, including liquid polyelectrolytes, dry powders, and organic and inorganic wastewater chemicals with various injection rates.

Hydro-Flo's customers have the opportunity to utilize our wastewater tech resources located in St. Charles, Illinois, USA. Instead of sending a grab sample (which may or not be truly representative) to our facility for analysis, we dispatch a chemist to your site in order to review your entire process.  Representative wastewater samples are taken and jar tests conducted on site to identify the most cost effective chemical pretreatment program.  A lab test study will also determine the most relevant equipment for your application.  Our on site lab tests also tell us the proper chemical treatment, proper mixing times, as well as present us with a good understanding of how and where to locate the chemical injection points in the piping system ahead of the flotation system. Lab studies identify approximate operating costs and wastewater cost savings. All of this information is very valuable and necessary in order to develop the proper chemical regime and determine the proper sizing of the separation systems.

Contact Hydro-Flo today for details.

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